2018-12 Rubber cord with swivel on both ends available

by Beheerder on 09 December 2018 20:09

In 2016 Datawell introduced rubber cords with a specially designed swivel terminal instead of a regular terminal. The standard Waverider mooring can be applied to almost all situations. However, under some circumstances the mooring line can get twisted and tangled up. This phenomenon is usually caused by the 10Kg float that twists around the rubber cord, limiting the stretch of the rubber cord and afflicting damage to the rubber cord.

In our experience, this situation is most present in locations where the buoy is submitted to a lot of tidal movements in shallow waters.

Extensive tests have resulted in a solution to reduce the twisting of the mooring line;

A special rubber cord terminal with an integrated swivel. This swivel will help reduce rotation of the rubber cord.


Now, 2 years later, we noticed customer interest for rubber cords with swivel terminals on both ends of the cord. Although this is superfluous for our mooring system (as there already is a swivel present in the chain coupling), we have decided to make this design available upon request.



Many Waveriders we supplied have been equipped with a Superstar GPS receiver. Recently it has come to our attention that the Superstar generates a faulty date in the logger files. The problem can be explained by an unexpected “GPS week rollover”. The internal date obtained from the GPS satellite system is incorrect. Typically the date is set to the year 2096. To convert the incorrect data we are currently developing a software tool. The only solution to this problem however is to replace the Superstar GPS receiver. The Superstar position module must be replaced with the µBlox GPS receiver (DWR-MKIII and WR-SG). The µBlox GPS receiver was introduced in the beginning of 2012.