2016-10 ITB standard in every DWR-9, DWR-G7 and DWR-G9

by Beheerder on 09 November 2016 06:43

The Intelligent Test Box, or ITB, which we introduced several years ago has proved to be very popular.
The ITB arranges multiple battery strings to be 
discharged sequentially, so that only empty strings need to be replaced when the buoy is serviced. Buoys are generally serviced before all battery strings are fully drained.

The batteries may still contain power for a few extra months, though not enough for a new measurement period. Disposal of half empty batteries is a waste of energy. We have now decided to make the ITB a standard part on every DWR-9, DWR-G7 and DWR-G9 as of 1 January, 2017.

The ITB can also be retrofitted in existing buoys. 



Many Waveriders we supplied have been equipped with a Superstar GPS receiver. Recently it has come to our attention that the Superstar generates a faulty date in the logger files. The problem can be explained by an unexpected “GPS week rollover”. The internal date obtained from the GPS satellite system is incorrect. Typically the date is set to the year 2096. To convert the incorrect data we are currently developing a software tool. The only solution to this problem however is to replace the Superstar GPS receiver. The Superstar position module must be replaced with the µBlox GPS receiver (DWR-MKIII and WR-SG). The µBlox GPS receiver was introduced in the beginning of 2012.