2018-03 RC27B and RC27G batteries

by Beheerder on 27 March 2018 02:53
In our October 2017 News Bulletin we revealed that the initial capacity of 240 Wh of the non-magnetic RC24B batteries was underestimated, though the actual capacity was still undetermined. Over the last few months, we gained more experience with the batteries in our low energy consuming Waverider buoys and we can now state that the batteries contain 270 Wh. We have therefore decided to rename the batteries to RC27B.

Please note that your RC24B batteries contain just as much energy as the RC27B batteries.


In addition to the increased capacity of the RC24B batteries, we can also inform you of the increased capacity of the magnetic RC25G batteries. These batteries have a likewise capacity of 270 Wh which is why we have decided on renaming them as well, to RC27G.



Many Waveriders we supplied have been equipped with a Superstar GPS receiver. Recently it has come to our attention that the Superstar generates a faulty date in the logger files. The problem can be explained by an unexpected “GPS week rollover”. The internal date obtained from the GPS satellite system is incorrect. Typically the date is set to the year 2096. To convert the incorrect data we are currently developing a software tool. The only solution to this problem however is to replace the Superstar GPS receiver. The Superstar position module must be replaced with the µBlox GPS receiver (DWR-MKIII and WR-SG). The µBlox GPS receiver was introduced in the beginning of 2012.