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Dedicated mooring packages are available depending on buoy type

A picture of a barrel with rubber cord, nylon safeline, two floats, a sinker and some terminals.

Dedicated mooring packages are available depending on buoy type and local conditions. Important engineering parameters are: depth, current profile, tidal range and maximum expected wave height. Main components are:

  • Elastic section: rubber cord (safety line optional)
  • Sinking section: aluminum sinker weights of 1 kg
  • Floating section: polypropylene rope
  • Special terminals
  • Floats

Our rubber cords, originally designed for Datawell’s wave buoys, are also used to moor navigation- and oceanographic buoys. A contemporary application is the mooring of LiDAR buoys. The elastic rubber cord on the one hand enables the buoy to follow the wave motion while the Nylon safety-line parallel to the rubber cord takes care of a soft stop of the buoy in case of extreme wave conditions on the other hand.

A picture of a navigation buoy moored using Datawell rubber cords.

Datawell rubber cord for navigation buoys have shown to substantially reduce wear by keeping the mooring line under permanent tension. Key features are:

  • Simple and robust design
  • Large ratio of maximum cord length and minimum cord length
  • Specially suited for shallow water with relatively large tidal range