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Tools for data acquisition, post-processing and presentation

A picture of a Maximum Entropy Method directional spectrum in Waves5.

Waves5 is Datawell’s newest Microsoft Windows based software package for data acquisition, processing, and display of wave data by Datawell Waveriders directional and non-directional.

Waves5 is compatible with any Datawell instruments listed below:


  • Directional Waverider-MkIII (DWR-MkIII),
  • Non-directional Waverider-SG (WR-SG),
  • Wave Unit.


  • Directional Waverider 4 (DWR4/ACM).

The software for the analysis, processing, and displaying of wave data originating from the Directional Waverider 4 for Microsoft Windows.

During the years, several software packages have been released by Datawell. They are available for download here.