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DWR-G Unit

Turn your navigation or meteo-buoy into a directional wave buoy with this GPS-based wave motion sensor package.

Shipping lanes and harbour entrances are usually marked by numerous navigation buoys. Especially at these locations seafarers are interested in the wave conditions. Furthermore, networks of marine and meteorological monitoring buoys cover the oceans for weather forecasting and climate change studies. Such networks offer a good opportunity to collect ocean wave data as well. These are just two examples for application of the Datawell DWR-G unit: a directional wave motion sensor package based on GPS.

The DWR-G unit builds on the Datawell principle of measuring waves with a single Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. No differential GPS receiver is required. The same principle is also exploited in the DWR-G directional Waverider buoys. It offers 3-dimensional motion with centimetre-precision up to wave periods of 100 seconds.

All data are output through one RS-232 port. The DWR-G unit outputs the well-known HXV format of the Waverider buoys which provides raw displacement, full spectra and buoy position. A single cable carrying power and signal lines enters the unit. The unit has a base plate with 4 holes for mounting. Since GPS refers directly to the WGS84 reference frame no special alignment is required.

Wave motion sensor
Sensor single GPS (not differential)
Precision 0.01 to 0.02 m
buoy mooring and pitch-roll may affect wave measurement precision
Periods 1.6 s to 100 s
Calibration not required ever
Exclusion GPS signals do not penetrate through water, occasional data gaps may occur.
Exclusion measurements fail at position changes greater than 100 m in less than 100 s, e.g. when used free floating or towed at constant velocities greater than 1 m/s.
Wave data
Data north, west, vertical
Resolution 0.01 m (north 0.02 m, LSB of north is GPS data gap indicator)
Range -20 m to +20 m
Rate 1.28 Hz
Reference WGS84
Spectral data
Frequency resolution 0.005 Hz below 0.10 Hz and 0.01 Hz above
Frequency range 0.025 Hz to 0.58 Hz
Direction resolution 1.5°
Direction range 0° to 360°
GPS position
GPS position every 30 minutes, precision < 5 m
Port RS-232
Format HXV
Outer dimensions height 0.16 m (incl. GPS ant.)
base plate 0.20 m × 0.20 m
Weight Approx. 5 kg
Housing material Stainless steel AISI 316
Power 10 – 30 V, 1.0 W


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