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GPS Buoy Finder

The new Buoy Finder is a portable receiver specifically designed to facilitate the retrieval of Waveriders adrift. This model is based on RX-C technology with its electronic frequency tuning and has 6 presets for buoy frequencies.

A Waverider with GPS and HF link transmits a new GPS position every half hour. This position is very useful during a rescue operation, when a drifting buoy must be retrieved. Although the RX-C does filter and display the GPS position, it is not suited to portable use because it cannot operate on batteries. This is where the Buoy Finder comes in.

The Buoy Finder offers the following advantages:

  • Portable
    The Buoy Finder is much smaller and lighter than the RX-C.
  • Independent power supply
    The Buoy Finder operates over 10 Hrs using four 1.5 V AA style batteries.
  • GPS position age estimation
    Because a new position is only determined every half hour, it is important to know when the position has been determined. The Buoy Finder provides a reliable estimate of the time elapsed since the most recent GPS position fix.
  • Headphone output
    The Buoy Finder has a headphone output for listening to the audio signal of the HF link.

The Buoy Finder can be used with all current Datawell buoys such as the DWR-G, DWR-MkIII and the WR-SG. Additionally, previous buoy marks such as the DWR-MkII are also supported.

The Buoy Finder works with a range of antennas including a portable whip antenna or a magnetic foot antenna that can be mounted on a ship to increase reception range.

Frequency range 25.5 to 35.5 MHz (35.5 to 45.0 MHz on request)
Radio range line of sight (max. 10 km) with flexible short antenna
50 km with standard receiving antenna
Tuning PPL synthesizer tuning
Sensitivity -116 dBm (0.5 µV)
Dynamic range > 60 dB
Display 2 x 16 characters liquid crystal display with backlight
Head phone output 3.5 mm connector for 32 Ω to 300 Ω headphone
Batteries 4 x 1.5 V penlite battery type AA / LR6 / MN1500
Power consumption 600 mW
Operational life > 10 Hrs using alkaline batteries
Standby time Approx. 1.5 years
Temperature range –10 to +50 °C
Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 170×55×225 mm (W×H×D)


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