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Other software

GPS Gap repair
In 2002 Datawell introduced a new technique to measure 3-dimensional motion with a single GPS receiver. The DWR-G wave buoys are based on this measurement technique. It features centimetre precision up to periods of 100 s at an attractive price-performance ratio. Occasionally gaps may occur. E.g. waves washing over the GPS antenna will block the GPS signals, leading to missing measurements, gaps. This technical note describes a method to largely repair these gaps, thus extending the use of DWR-G buoys. For your convenience the method has already been implemented in an associated program (GPSrepair.exe) that will directly repair HXV- or RDT-files.

The Datawell software library libdatawell
Do you want to use Waverider data in your (proprietary) software? Just include the libdatawell software library that takes all the decoding work off your hands, and let you focus in the processing and presentation part of your software.

Buoy Tester application
In order to troubleshoot your DWR4 and MKIII buoy before it is deployed we have developed the Buoy Tester application. This application requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to be enabled/installed on your machine. This application is free to use.


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