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The software for the analysis, processing, and displaying of wave data from the Datawell Waverider buoys.

The Waves4 suite contains a set of programs for data acquisition, processing and presentation of the Datawell Waverider buoys, DWR MkIII and DWR4 (/ACM). It provides detailed 2D plots of wave data for analysis and research. It also provides overviews of the latest measurements in a list overview. Real-time data is displayed. Parameters are stored and made available for post-processing.

Data acquisition: buoyd
The Waves4 suite contains a data acquisition background process (Windows: service, Linux: daemon) named buoyd, that is able to receive wave data over all prevailing communication links: over HF from a RX-C receiver, over the internet (iBuoy via Iridium or GPRS), over e-mail from Iridium SBD (Short Burst Data) or from Argos (DWR4 (/ACM) only), and over GSM (MkIII only).

Data processing: waved
The buoyd background process sends the received data to the processing background process, named waved. It stores, decodes and processes the received data from multiple buoyd instances. The decoded data is stored in an internal cache.

Data presentation: Waves4
Presentation of the wave data is taken care of by the Waves4 program itself. This program receives the data from the waved module and displays it. Due to the cache in waved it is possible to immediately view historical data along with current data. The data is presented in a tabular interface, where every tab sheet contains one or more widgets. Every widget displays a selection of buoy data, either as a parameter list or as a trend plot.

System requirements

Waves4 is available for Windows 7, 8 and 10.


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